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About Us

In early 2010 we bought our first house together.  We were half way through our engagement at the time and for some reason thought adding house hunting and renovations to our mile-long "to-do" list was a good idea.  As it turned out, it has been a pretty good idea.  We found a 1920 craftsman Bungalow in need of some love and have been restoring it and making it our own since.  With some good team work, help from friends, and a thrifty DIY spirit, we're embarking on our at home alterations.
The whole blog is the story of us and our house, but sometimes we write specifically about one or the other.  Check out "Hi There" for more about us and "Faces from the Past" for more about our house!
We'd love to hear from you!  You can email us or just leave a comment somewhere on the blog, we try our hardest to respond as soon as we can.  You can also subscribe by RSS to keep in touch with what we're up to.
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