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Inspections News

The last few weeks have been a little stressful as we've finished each stage of the basement rough-ins and had them inspected.  I had a gigantic fear that the inspectors were going to say I did something massively wrong, like using the wrong kind of wire for electrical or something, and would have to completely redo the work.  Lucky for us my fear was completely irrational and the inspections went off without incident.

Electrical: Check
Mechanical: Check
Plumbing: Check
Building: Check

All the rough-ins are done and the city/state has given us the OK to move on to insulation and drywall!!!

We still have to get final inspections once everything is done but it's really hard to mess up anything from here out.  All the structural and behind-the-scenes work is done and passed.  That's a huge weight off our shoulders!

Insulation on Friday, drywall next week!  After 14 months of ugliness, we are so ready for some clean-slate drywall!


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