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First movie in the home theater

And I use the word home theater very, very loosely.  Alternative adjectives include: "Renovation Theater" and "camping-chairs-on-concrete-next-to-a-pile-of-wood theater."  Needs a picture?  Agreed, but first, some back story.


Last September we decided to change the floor plan in the basement living room to mount the TV on a shared wall with the storage room.  The hope is for the wall to look something like this:


Where the cream colored areas are, we plan to put a tweed speaker grill cloth that will run floor to ceiling except where the TV is recessed, and where we will add archictectural wood over the fabric.  This will give the room an interesting focal point and effectively hide the speakers in the wall.  So far, the wall has looked more like this:


Last weekend I decided it was time to flesh out this wall a little more.  It will help the drywallers know where to end their wall and I also wanted to bring the TV down and test out the in-wall cables - if I need to replace one it will be 100 times easier now while the walls are open!

First, I needed to add a couple studs to the back so the TV mount has something to connect to.  Here's the view from the back side of the wall with a pair of studs attached.


Next I covered the back of the recessed TV box with oak plywood.  Most of our woodwork will be painted but We're going to add stained oak in a few places for contrast and to tie in with the main level woodwork.  Here's the unstained oak held up temporarily with 2x2 braces while the glue dries.


After the glue dried we bolted the TV stand into the new studs and hung the TV!  I tested the in-wall cables and everything was working great.  Since we had hauled the TV down and were both too tired after a long day of work to bring it back upstairs, we decided to watch a movie.  We tried to bring our patio love seat down but it wouldn't fit through the back door so we settled for camping chairs and a big bowl of popcorn.

It was pretty uncomfortable but really exciting to dim the lights and get a taste of how it will be to watch movies once the basement is done!!

The next day we brought the TV back upstairs and I sheathed the wall with some cheap plywood since it will be covered by fabric eventually.

I think it looks like a robot whale face.

Here's the finished back side of the wall.

I still need to build the shelf for the speakers to sit on (so they point out the opening in the wall), add more oak to the left, right, and top of the recessed box, stain the oak, attach the fabric, and add molding.  I think that will all come later, but for now, it's a lot further along than it was!

This also marks our first wall that's covered in something other than studs, and the start of a real-room feeling! 

P.S. We passed our electrical and Mechanical (heating) inspections!!!  This week will be plumbing and building inspections, next week is insulation, and the week after is drywall.  No stopping it now :)  Hopefully...


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  1. It’s looking pretty good! Keep up the good work.

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