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New Laudnry Sink

We decided to get rid of our laundry sink that had seen some major abuse.  Here's a picture of it on it's last leg - back when our laundry room looked like it got hit by an earthquake!

We replaced it with a shiny stainless steal sink and cabinet from Ikea.  Katrina and her sister worked tirelessly with Allen wrenches to build our new Swedish cabinet.

Building Ikea sink

Once the cabinet was made, we just had to attatch the doors and sink.

Ikea cabinet and sink Attaching the sink

The plumbing in our laundry room had been pretty pathetic for the last 6 months or so.  Copper pipes were hanging from the ceiling and leaking to the point where I had to turn them off when we weren't doing laundry... or empty big buckets of water once a week.

Now that we had a new sink, we decided to make a permanent solution to the plumbing and run new water pipes across the ceiling and down the wall to the washing machine and sink.

Laudnry room plumbing

I used PEX (which I also used to re-route some boiler pipes) because it's super easy to work with.  Part of the reason I prefer PEX is because I'm afraid to sweat (aka solder) copper pipe.  It was time to face my fears, though.  I needed to cut and re-sweat a pipe to make this project work. Luckily Katrina's dad gave me a lesson in sweating copper last time we were at his house, so I already had like 5 minutes of experience under my belt!

A few cuts, some cleaning, flux, heat, and solder, I had my first sweated pipe!

Cleaning copperHeating copperFinished pipe

Once the plumbing was done we could set the sink in place.

We still need a faucet on the sink and hardware on the cabinet but We can't actually hook up the sink until the drywall is done anyway so we'll leave it as-is for now.  No worries, we haven't needed to use that sink since last summer.  Also, it might look like the sink is freakishly tall but we did that on purpose.  First, the sink is really deep and it's at a comfortable height for us to reach the bottom.  Second, we're going to raise the washer and dryer up an inch so our laundry baskets fit under the front-loading doors and we're going to built a counter on top of the washer and dryer.  Once all that's done, the sink will look like it fits in a little better!

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  1. Looks great! So how does your washer drain now, if you’re not going the utility sink route? Do you have a direct connection to the drains now?

    • Yeah, we added a washer drain when we did all the plumbing down there. Maybe it the suburban in me but I always thought it was weird to drain into the sink.

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