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Roof colors

As we mentioned yesterday, we're getting a new roof! In trying to figure out what color roof to go with, we went to and played with their color chart.  Obviously our house doesn't look like their model but we were able to make similar color combinations to help visualize what a new roof will look like.

Actual house color


Current color combo on Owens Corning's website

We've never been a fan of... well, really anything about the exterior of our house.  Cream on white is way down on our list of great color combos but that's the hand we were dealt.  We've been debating for a long time whether we should change out the aluminum trim with a different color (keeping the stucco white), leave the trim and paint the stucco, or both.  If you look closely, you'll see that the aluminum windows are actually white, the aluminum trim dark cream, and the stucco off-white.  That's annoyingly too many shades of blah.

We've heard a lot of different opinions on painting stucco.  I make it a habit of asking painters and contractors their opinion and it seems like every painter has said it's no problem if you do it right but the contractors are less unified.  Some contractors say it's no problem, some say not to do it at all.  Unfortunately the experts, the painters, also have the bias that they make money from being able to paint stucco.  What have you heard?

Option 1 - New roof, new trim

If we were to get a new roof and change the trim, it could look something like this.  Not quite this color blue but options were limited on the website.

Option 2 - New roof, paint the stucco

For now, if we hypothetically paint our house a blue-gray, here's what a few roof colors would look like with our current cream colored trim.

Option 3 - New roof, new trim, paint the stucco

This one's a little more extreme but when we walk around our neighborhood and gawk at check out our neighbor's houses we're always drawn to painted houses with white trim.  Here are some houses near us we have "house crushes" on.

Some of our trim was damaged by hail (and the rest is showing it's age) so it would be easy enough to change the color.  We'd have to pay a little of out pocket to change the non-damaged trim so this is the most expensive option.

Here's an amateur artist's rendition of how these colors could look on our house - it's heavily photoshoped so forgive the supernatural look..

Although we like this color combo, we realize that there are a MILLION things we'd have to do to our yard to help out the curb appeal as well.  We need new concrete steps, a non-warped front door, outside lights, a non-rotting retaining wall, some type of landscaping on the side slope and a less boring bush in the front.  We're also considering a more greenish-gray color.....

We need help!  We need to decide pretty quick what color roof we're going to chose and whether we're going to change the trim.  What do you think??

We put a poll on our facebook page so you can weigh in and see the opinions!

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  1. I love the photoshopped version with the blue color – painting the trim, replacing trim and replacing roof. It really pops! But I’m a bad person to ask because I always want to go with the most extensive project. (Ask my husband.)

    As for stucco painting, have you checked out Cindy at The Flipping Couple? They recently painted their stucco and it tunred out amazing! It was a big project but they did it themselves.

  2. Hmmm- I kinda like option 2, with the pretty slate blue and cream trim. But, I’m always a sucker for white trim, since it brightens things up, and our house is the same color combo as the second house under Option 3. Could you paint the good trim and replace only the damaged trim to save a little money there? House painting is SO expensive- I feel your pain there. I do like the dark roof choice- I think that goes best with so many house color choices (again, biased because that’s our roof color). Good luck- I’m sure it’ll look great whatever you choose!!! :)

  3. You’ve got some good color combos here, but I’d recommend against painting the stucco. Yes, it can be done, but you’re taking what is a maintenance-free exterior and making it something that will require maintenance. Eventually the paint will blister, peel, or chalk (all happening on my painted stucco) requiring further costly repainting or stripping. If you really want to recolor, your best options are redashing the stucco (expensive) or using a limewash like the examples here. Not a lot of contemporary painters are very familiar with limewash but it has been used for centuries because it is natural, beautiful, and the lime actually strengthens the masonry surface.

    • We’re really back and forth on painting. We were totally against it for a while but the back wall is already painted – like an exterior accent wall – for some reason. If we were to redash or use a limewash we’d have to sandblast that wall first :( Have you seen limewash in person? The images in the gallery on that link you posted all look really streaky and splotchy. I do like the idea of keeping the exterior maintenance-free and not passing problems down to the next owner…

  4. I second what Josh said – he is absolutely correct. You will be going from maintenance-free to having to repaint every x years. My neighbors painted their stucco bungalow 6 years ago. They just paid $5000 to have it painted again. Painting will start a never-ending cycle of future maintenance/expense.

  5. I too like the look of the painted stucco (and with a grayer-toned roof? rather than brownish.) But, like others have chimed in, my brother’s painted stucco has been a hassle-and-a-half. he’s on his second time painting it in 5 years. he thinks the professional painters didn’t do an awesome job the first time, but still–it’s expensive and a hassle! (though it does look nice!)

  6. i’m now curious what color your back “accent” wall is painted. hmm…well, if 1/4 of your house is already painted?

    • The wall the porch is on is painted brown, but the porch is in need of so much repair, we are hoping to tear it down, leaving most, but not all of one of our exterior walls brown. It will look ridiculous!

  7. I do like that greenish-gray, the gray with black, and well, just about all of your fun ideas! That is exciting you are getting a new roof! I checked back at your post from yesterday, nice insurance will pay for it! Of course minus deductable :) We filed our first claim when the tornado happened, it was an awfully long process for us, but we had 91 things that had to be fixed (more than half still aren’t done). But once the new roof went up, I was shocked at what a difference it made for our house! I really feel like we need to redo the rest now (paint stucco, etc.). We did ask our contractor and they made it sound very complicated and expensive, I have heard it both ways as well. Anyway, this is super long so I will stop now, can’t wait to see what you do and how awesome!

    • Carla, your roof looks great! I hope ours turns out as well as yours did. I’ve been checking out a lot of options for coloring stucco… check back for a post devoted to that tomorrow :)

  8. I like option 2 the best but I agree with some of the other comments I wouldn’t want the maintenance of painting the stucco. Even if you DIY it could add up to be a very costly choice when you need to constantly touch it up and re-paint every couple years.

    So I’d probably go for a fun trim color with a new roof color. Either the blue or even a rust red color would be great for the trim.

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