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The basement just had a big week!  The plumbers came in and laid all sorts of new pipe to get the plumbing up to code and to add our 3/4 bath and updated laundry room.  It was great to see work that would have taken us months (and would have been done less professionally) get finished in 3 days.

We had a big list for the plumbers to do including...

  • Run drains and vents for the shower, toilet and sink
  • Add a back flow valve so sewer water doesn't come up our shower drain
  • Move the laundry sink to the corner of the laundry room
  • Add a new floor drain in the laundry room
  • Connect the washing machine to a drain so it doesn't have to empty into the sink
  • Move the gas line for the dryer
  • Install 2 zone valves on our boiler so we can have a separate thermostat for the basement heat
  • Replace the main waste stack and add a new clean out

I think that was it!  Phew.

We had already torn up the concrete and dug out all the sand.  It was looking a little sad before they started.

The first thing the plumbers did was dig out MORE concrete and sand.  By the end of the first day 1/4 of our basement was a dirt floor and another 1/4 was concrete covered in piles of sand.

Basement Plumbing Distaster

On the plus side, a lot of old nasty pipe had been replaced by shinny white plastic.  They ended up replacing more pipe than we had originally talked about because it was just easier to run new pipe than it was to cut old pipe and tie in.  Here's a floor plan of our basement with all the below ground drains.  The blue line is what was originally there, the green lines are new pipe.

And here's what it looked like on the second day.

After the third day we had a bathroom!

Well... kind of.  You can see the shower pan on the left, the toilet stub on the right and if you look close you can see a white pipe sticking out between two studs - that's where the sink will go eventually.

Our laundry room was officially rotated clockwise too.  The washer and dryer used to be against that back wall (left wall in the photo) but now we have a washer hookup - with a drain pipe so it doesn't have to go in the sink anymore!  And the dryer has gas running to it.

We still need to get a new dryer vent that's up to code and we're going to cut a hole in the side of the house so the vent doesn't have to go through the window.  Oh!  And I don't think we've mentioned it on the blog but we sold our cheapo washing machine and got a (used) Whirlpool Duet to match the dryer.  Our dryer used to have a drawer on the bottom but we took it off so the washer and dryer will be the same height and so we can build a counter over them for folding clothes.  This isn't the most glamorous picture, but here they are (the washer will be next to the dryer, we just haven't moved it yet).

I can hardly believe how much changed in the past few days... and how much work it is going to be to clean up after it!  Once the sand is back in the holes we need to lay new cement.  Yikes.

Can you believe how big of a mess we've made?  Can you see the progress too, or are you just appalled by the dirty mess?

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  1. The pros know best, don’t they? DIY is fun, but once it a while it’s nice to- like you said- have something done in three days versus several months. Looking good! (Yes, to me a dirt/concrete filled basement with plumbing looks “good”!)

  2. Wow! This is going to be great! I totally see the progress and I would feel such relief that I didn’t have to do it myself. That is SO MUCH WORK. We always have a hard time paying someone for projects, but we are always happy we did afterwards. =)

  3. Wow, what a huge project! You are going to feel such accomplishment when you’re all done though. I can’t wait to see more progress.

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