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A change in plans

We had a revelation of sorts for how to lay out the basement media room.  Originally, we had the TV on the short wall to the left and a sectional facing it and dividing the media room from the game/play area.  Our plan looked something like this.

That rectangle to the left of the couch would be our TV stand with all the stereo gear and movies in it and the TV mounted on the wall above it.  We liked that you could watch a movie while sitting at the table in the game area but there were a few things we never loved about it.  First, the section of the couch at the bottom of the picture isn't ideal for watching a movie... you'd have to sit facing the storage room and crick your neck the whole time.  The stereo stuff is hard to get at to plug stuff in and move around, and Katrina has never been a fan of the way my speakers look.  I bought them for the way they sound but admittedly they're plain black boxes.

Our new idea?

Rotate the room so the TV is on the wall to the storage room.  That way we can fit the full Karlstad sectional, in all it's glory, along with a chase for some extra seating.  Because the storage room is open space, we can do some high tech tricks.  The stereo stuff can be on shelves where I can easily reach all the wires and connections, the TV can be recessed into the wall so it doesn't stick out into the room, and the speakers can be hidden in the wall.  Our idea is for the wall to the storage room to be built to look something like this.

Ignore the peachy color, my drawing program is kind of limited in colors to chose from.  The peach area will actually be fabric!  Special fabric that's acoustically transparent but is a kind of khaki colored burlap (This is the fabric we want).  While the whole wall will look like solid fabric, there will be *secret* cutouts in those three rectangles below the TV where the speakers will hide.  All the audio equipment will be hidden in the storage room except the BluRay player and Wii which will be in some shelving next to the couch.  We really like the idea of a more natural looking TV area that still has all the techie bells and whistles hidden away - as apposed to a space aged cabinet of speakers and little lights.  We'll also add some architectural interest on top of the fabric to fit in with the board and batten in the room.

Unfortunately we'll lose some space in the storage room but we'll build a new shelf and bookcases to the left of the couch.  The plan is to make a counter-like surface at the height of the couch for drink and stuff, but we'd leave the space below that counter open.  We'd have a big void to store things we only need to access once in a while - like holiday decorations.  We'd have to move the couch to get to it, but hey, it's only once a year, right?

The downside is it's not as easy to watch a movie from the game area but we'll solve that by putting the TV on a swivel mount so it can pull out and rotate toward the game area if we want.  We also know the entrance will be a little tight, but the hope is that since the room is long and open, the eye will be drawn to the back wall and it won't be so bad that the couch is so close to the doorway.

Does this seem like a good option?  Do you see any pros or cons we missed?

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  1. I like the new plan a lot! I think not having the sectional divide the room will make if feel a lot more open. The fabric covered wall is a cool idea too. I would just worry that the lower panels would get dirty because of the light color. Maybe you could do some built-in cabinets there. The doors could be flush with the wall and you could use ring pulls that won’t stick out to catch on clothing as people wall by. They could be just deep enough to hold a DVD so they won’t take up much space in your storage room.

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