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Summer Subway Art

After seeing  a fun subway art project with foam letters and spray paint on my friend Tammy's blog, I was excited to make one for summer and possibly other seasons.  When I went to buy foam letters, however I realized how expensive they are: $8 for each bin of different font!  I wanted a fun summer piece of art that was less expensive.  I could have printed something, but I wanted a larger piece for the living room.  It was then that I noticed this fabulous find chalk board I had gotten at a garage sale for $2.  I searched lots of images of summer subway art and decided on this one to fashion my board after.


With some white chalk and a bit of time I played with some fonts and sizes and ended up with a summer statement piece that was completely free!  I think this would be fun to do in colored chalk or for a more permanent piece of art, chalk paint.

Summer Subway Art

Summer Subway Art

This was simple enough and definitely inexpensive that I may end up repeating it when autumn comes.

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  1. You never fixed the bicycles!! But I still like it.

  2. I have found smaller sized letters in bags at the Dollar Store. Most of the time they have sticky backs too. Most are small, maybe an inch tall is the biggest size, but worth checking out. I think Michael’s has them as well.

  3. Ooh, I like the chalkboard version better. For each season or holiday you could create your own with words that match the things you want to do/experience together. Like for fall: jack-o-lanterns, corn maze, pumpkin pie, raking leaves, turkey! You could even cross each off after you enjoy them, like thunderstorms or first snow.

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