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Window Treatments!

We've been in a sort of decorating desert lately. We're still in saving mode so we can pay for the entire basement out of pocket and we're oh-so-close to reaching our savings goal!

As a little reward for months of savings, we decided to finally get curtains for the living room. We've been rocking shades-only for over a year now, so it was time to add some warmth and texture to this main room in our house.

Standard disclaimers, excuse the mess in the before shot and the missing ceiling light that started on fire!


Living room before curtains


Living room with curtainsLiving room with curtainsLiving room with curtains

The curtains are Henny Rand and the rods are Lummig, both from Ikea.  It's hard to tell in these broad shots, but the curtains have 3-5 different shades which make those squiggly lines.  We've noticed how the mix of colors compliments and brings together a lot of the tones in the rug and although the pattern of the rug and curtains are quite different, they don't seem to compete with one another.

living room curtains close up

We ended up getting only 3 packages (two panels in each) and used only one in the corner, stretching it between the rods.  This not only allowed us to save some mullah, but it made the corner look less crowded than it would have with two panels meeting up there.  The panel in the middle (behind the love seat) is actually tucked in behind the radiator.  We're debating cutting and hemming it to the height of the radiator cover so we could actually draw the curtains closed, but again, are waiting to see if we ever will really want to do that.

We're also a little worried we hung them too high but everything we've read and heard in the decor world is that you can't hang them high enough! This height also happened to be exactly high enough to make the curtains almost-but-not-quite touch the floor and neither of us wanted the job of hemming 6 panels!  So we're going to give it a week to grow on us before we decide if we'll lower them. What do you think?  Has anyone else added or changed curtains in a room lately?  Do you have a perfect rod height or hem height to share?

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  1. Love the curtains – they look great. Love the wall color too – it all looks amazing!

  2. Wow. It is amazing how such a simple addition like curtains can completely change a room. It looks so warm and inviting! I love it. And I definitely agree… you can’t hang curtains high enough! I always think floor to ceiling curtains make a room look taller, bigger, more open. Perfect for this room.

  3. Love the curtains! The white panels brighten up the whole room. We just added some curtains to our dining room and struggled a bit with the proper placement of the curtain rod. We went high, and we’re thrilled with the outcome. I wouldn’t lower your rods one bit!

  4. love the placement of the curtain rods. thanks for blogging about it. i’m planning to do that too, so it’s great to see what it looks like

  5. It’s amazing how much they change the look of the room. I also love the placement of the iron rod. It spices up the room a great deal!

  6. oh wow, isn’t it amazing how they totally change the look of the room? Love it! And the first thing I noticed was the higher height they are hung at – I’m a huge fan of higher hung curtains and I personally think yours look awesome!

  7. Hanging curtains near the ceiling makes your room look taller and more spacious. I just bought these same curtains at Ikea and LOVE them. They instantly brightened our dining room/family room, and they were so affordable. I’ll never buy expensive curtains again.

  8. I have these curtains too – aren’t they gorgeous? Love your room

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