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Basement Framing

Last weekend we got a TON done on the basement.  Our last update was about bringing home the wood for the top and bottom plates (top and bottom of walls).  This time, we needed more wood for the studs.  A couple friends came over, I borrowed a pneumatic nail gun (which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g), and we picked up about 100 more boards.

Picking up lumber

We tore through nailing the studs and after a few hours we had a few walls up!

Framed WallsFramed Walls

Many hands made for light work.  Carrying in all the boards with 4 people went fast and framing when different people measure, cut, and nail goes really fast too.  Using the pneumatic framing gun was even more efficient!  I did a few studs with a hammer and nails and it took about 5 min a stud.  Every time I'd hit the nail the board would move out of place and I'd have to move it back before proceeding.  It was a frustratingly slow process.  The nail gun can still be frustrating but we got the hang of it and it's 100 times faster than a hammer.  The slowest part of the process is laying out where the studs will go and framing around windows.

Framing a window


We've got two outer walls done and two more to go, then it's onto the interior walls and doorways.  Once the walls are there, all we'll have to do is squint like George Costanza and our basement will look almost habitable!

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