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Make like a Tree and Leaf, Asbestos

We were finally able to get rid of the pipes that run right through the middle of our basement living room.  When we were first planning the basement we tried coming up with ways to work around them but there wasn't a good option.  One day we found out we could replace the pipes with new pipes that run, hidden, in the floor joists.  Awesome!  The only downside: the current pipes were filled with asbestos and weighed hundreds of pounds.  We know our DIY limits so we left this to the pros.  On Friday we had the pipes removed.  It's looking so much more open already!


EastViewBefore WestViewBefore


Easter After

We didn't need them to remove ALL the pipe, just the ones that were hanging below the rafters.  They cut the pipes and left the joints so we can connect our new plumbing to the old pipes that were in the rafters already.

Left over Pipe

We still have a lot of work to do but at least the heavy, asbestos covered pipers are out!  Have you had to set down your DIY attitude lately and let a professional do some work on your house?

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  1. I just had a bobcat out to my house this weekend, to excavate for a patio I’m diy’ing. At over 300 sq ft, I did not want to dig out all that sod and fill.

  2. Looking good, that is an exciting project! Sadly, it we have to give up our DIY-ing since the tornado, at least insurance covers the professionals to do the work (I hope, still waiting). Alex did say, “hey, why don’t I do all the work” and I said, “then our house will for sure cave in” haha!

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