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Weekend Update


My grandpa turned 90 on Saturday.  NINETY!  He's a WWII veteran, engineer, husband, father, grandpa, great grandpa, and still going strong!

Eww :(

A mouse took a gamble on some 7 month old peanut butter on a mouse trap and lost.  Our basement is a sieve with all the walls down, we hope this isn't the start of a mouse invasion....


We took on some more basement take-down without much success.  We bagged up a bunch of lath and plaster rubble and realized how heavy it is and how much of it we have.  We had to buy another Bagster Bag.  So much for being way under budget on demo.  Grr.

My power miter saw went kaput.  The blade is only supposed to spin while you hold down the button but it started sticking and eventually got stuck in the on position even though the button moves freely.  The only way to turn it off was to unplug it.  Can you say safety hazard?!  It's only 2 months old so Home Depot graciously took the broken one (with no box) and gave me a new one.  That was nice but it was a waste of time and we specifically spent more for the DeWalt saw because of it's reputation.  I hope this was a fluke.  Grr.

Taking down the wood paneling in the laundry room is a royal pain.  A bunch of electrical boxes and a gas line are screwed right into the paneling so I have to unhook the wiring and move it to get the panels off.  Once the panels are off there's plaster behind them which is it's own kind of pain in the butt to remove.  Grr.


After a long and often frustrating weekend, we decided to have some "us" time.  We curled up and watched The Tourist while eating Pringles.  Oh how romance changes when you're married!  It was just what we needed to end the weekend well.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Whoa! What a weekend! I have to say we too had a movie weekend (and lacked a lot of motivation to do much else). Watched Black Swan (weird, creepy), 127 Hours (very good, inspiring, cried like a baby) and went out to see Water For Elephants (VERY good movie, cried like a baby again). Ahhh the married life is different. Do we sound lame for watching 3 movies over the weekend? I should have been working on something…grr guilt :(

  2. I love the photo of your grandparents! That's frame worthy, for sure.

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandpa! :)

    What a weekend! Patience isn't one of my strengths, I'd have needed to 'step away' too. Loved that movie. I'm glad you two got a little rest and break. Now back to work – I want to see more! 😉 lol

    Almost Friday again! Woo hoo! Sending you positive DIY dust!


  4. Carla – Don't feel guilty for relaxing! It's necessary sometimes, as long as it's not like, every day for a month!

    Beth – Totally! That was their photo booth picture from our wedding. They're wearing the hat/veil they wore in their wedding 60-some years ago!

    Roeshel – We've been super busy with life lately so we need to be extra motivated to work on the house. Thanks for the encouragement!

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