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Fabulous Finds: Garage Sale Spectacular

Between two garage sales today I walked away with 8 great things.  For $7.50 I am the new owner of 6 children's toys (two of which I'll use at work)  that were too good to pass up for our future kids and can be used by our nephew in the meantime; AND a Williams Sonoma Entertaining Cookbook, huge chalkboard and.....

Garage Sale Finds

...Best of all is this ottoman!  The ottoman was priced at $5 and spied over lunch but after mulling it over, by the end of the day, I decided it was worth it and I would return to see if it was still there.  It was, and the seller was motivated enough to just give it to me!  I have plans of recovering it and fixing a slightly crooked leg so the FREE price tag meant there will be no risk!  If I mess up with my first upholstery project I'll only be out the materials and the time.

Now the only question is....what type of fabric or color should I cover it with?  The couch is gray and the chair (which just happens to be the exact same width and cushion height!) is a seafoam greenish color.  Our rug is pretty detailed in it's pattern so I'm doubting I can do a print, but maybe a subtle pattern?  I really like the nail head trim, but I'm not sure if I can save them and I think I'd choose a darker or more silvery trim rather than this brassy color.  The feet need a little stain/paint too in order to mesh better with the furniture legs.  Advice?!?

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  1. I love garage sale treasure hunting. Especially when you find a good deal on something. Love the feet on that ottoman.

  2. You can get new upholstery nails at the hardware store. I have even found them in the nail section at Walmart, I pick them up everytime they are marked down.
    as for a color, you could try to match the chair or go with that light color in your rug. I can’t remember which blog I just saw this on but to start you could make a slip cover to see if the color you pick is one you can live with and then if you decide to go all out then you know that all that effort you are putting in will be for a color that will stay. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  3. The ottoman is such a great find – those legs are fabulous! I think that is a perfect piece for a first attempt.

    Some ideas for finding complementary fabrics –

    1 – Take arm covers if you have them.
    2 – Print out a picture of the rug (or a portion) that shows the colors accurately – depends on your skill with camera & printer.
    3 – Ask for swatches of ones you think might work – some places cut off a tiny portion (1″ x 8″ perhaps) and others have larger samples that you have to return and leave a deposit for.
    4 – Some upholstery fabric places will let you take the entire bolt home to see if it will work – they know it is hard to make a decision from a small swatch. So it would be worthwhile to ask about that once you get close – there will probably be a deposit involved.

    I always walk through all of the upholstery fabric holding up my handful of stuff from the room – sometimes a very unexpected fabric catches my eye and actually works in my room. Also figure out beforehand how much you’ll need and check out the remnant bin – I was able to afford a much more expensive fabric for drapery panels because I only needed a small amount. (Small is relative – remnants of clothing fabric are generally under 1 yard – the drapery panels used every inch of a 3.5 yard remnant)

    Good luck!


  4. Awesome finds! Ha, you and I will be tackling our first upholstery projects together :) we should have a party. I have been afraid to start my cushion for that chair (thanks for the suggestions too!). I think gray would look nice and blend with the room easily! That is awesome you got it for free, it can totally be saved! I love that chalkboard too!

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