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Demolishing the Laundry Room

Demo started out with great bang and has kind of dragged on for the past two weeks.  It turns out the last few projects have been way harder and way more time consuming than we thought they'd be.  Last weekend we took on the last project: demolishing the laundry room.  We pushed through it and now we're totally done with demo!  Here's the change.

Looks better, right??  Right.... We're still taking steps backwards in order to take some steps forward.  I wish I could say we've hit rock bottom but we still need to dig up parts of the floor for the bathroom drains.  THAT will be rock bottom, we're almost there!  Then we'll be able to start building back up.

Demoing the laundry room was such a pain.  We thought it would be simple -  just pry the wood paneling off the wall.  It sounds so simple but we overlooked the fact that everything in the laundry room was attached to the wood paneling.  The water pipes, gas lines, dryer vent, utility sink, and electrical boxes - all attached to the paneling and all had to be removed before we could take the walls down.  The left wall had lath and plaster behind the wood panels which made it twice as hard and made twice as much debris.  Yikes.  We basically had to dismantle the entire laundry room, take down the walls, and then rebuild it.

Colors of the 70s

The wood paneling had been primed and painted (kind of ) yellow at some point but before that it had been a funkadelic pallet of orange, yellow, brown, and black.  Yeah baby!!

Storage under the stairs

We've always had a storage space under the stairs with a little door from the work room but the space was so gross that we never, ever, opened the door.  We thought it had a dirt floor but it turns out the floor was concrete but was covered in carpet that was so dirty it looked like 2 inches of soil.  We threw out the carpet and cleaned it up a little - it looks a lot better!  We're thinking we'll add a light and use the space to store paint and some other work room supplies.

The ghettoest utility sink

Some utility sinks have legs and some are attached to the wall.  Ours was attached to the wall but we removed the wall!  We were able to kind of reattach it to the concrete but it wasn't very stable.  We thought about buying a new one with legs but the plan is to eventually build a counter and put in a stainless steel sink.  We don't want to buy a sink we're going to replace in a few months so we decided to add some legs to the one we already have!  It's a little wobbly but should last a few months until we build the new laundry room!;

It may not look like much, but that's what we've been busy doing the last few weeks!  Have you tackled any similarly gross and time-consuming jobs lately?

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  1. Wow. Your demo does sound like a pain! And that carpet? If you thought it was soil, it must have been absolutely disgusting! The painted paneling, however… I always kind of like finding such remnants of past decades!

  2. I've been following your demo progress. In my opinion you're only taking steps forward! I LOVE the quick fix on the sink. That carpet sounds el disgusto… haha. It will be a handy little storage space though!

  3. Wow, what a big change. And that paneling is blast from the past! That storage space is pretty cool though, it's going to make a great extra closet area!

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