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New tool and half a night stand

We've been playing musical beds lately.  We upgraded the bed in our master bedroom to a king, which left us with two full beds and a queen for two bedrooms.  We didn't get a new bed frame for the king but our old queen frame (just the frame, not the head board and foot board) can expand to king size so we used that frame for the king.  We set the queen in the corner for a few months while making sure we loved our sleep number bed but recently decided it was time to move the queen bed into the guest bedroom. We kept one of the fulls in the basement, and are planning to give the extra full away to a friend.  We needed the bed frame that's was under the king to set up the queen so now the king is currently on the floor.  We've hit a new low.

Still with us?  Good, that was all to set you up for this project and tease you for the re-reveal of our guest bedroom when everything else surrounding the queen bed is in place.

Back to the guest bedroom, the queen bed is bigger than the full bed (duh) but that means the furniture doesn't quite fit anymore.  We had a plan.... kind of.  On the right side of the full bed there was this night stand. With the queen bed, it won't fit between the bed and the wall anymore.  There's barely enough room to squeeze in on that side of the bed, but we know our guests wouldn't mind the tight squeeze as long as they have room to sleep and a place to lay their clock/phone/jewelry/chapstick/other bedtime things.

Solution?  Buy a new nightstand?  Nope, we avoid that if we can make something we already own work. Knowing that this table no longer fit beside the bed, we tried to find a new home for it but it didn't look right anywhere!  So we decided to make it fit next to the bed... by making it smaller.  Half the size to be exact.  We formed a crazy plan to cut the night stand in half and then affix it to the wall.

We had no idea of it would work but the nightstand was a thrift store find so we had nothing to lose.

Hello Saw

A circular saw would have been a good tool for this job but I wanted to try out the new jig saw I was given for my birthday last month.  I've used different jig saws before but this is the first one I've owned.  I noticed an interesting extra right out of the box, it can hook up to a shop vac!

I won't use that when it's nice outside and I can make my messes in the yard, but since it's still snowing in MN all our projects have to be done indoors.  Last time I made sawdust it looked like this:

I learned from that mistake and knew I'd have to choose a different room to saw in, but this shop-vac option seemed even more perfect for cleaning up all the dust!  It still made a little sawdust with the shop vac attached but not nearly as much as it could have.  Pretty cool!  The other feature I found was the crazy laser guide for the blade.

I know tool manufacturers are throwing lasers on everything now days but this came in handy since I was cutting a straight line.  I don't plan on cutting a lot of straight lines with a jig saw (they're meant for curves) but it's nice to know I have some laser help for when I do need it.

Half a night stand

After I got the power tool fun out of my system we were left with... half a night stand!  To my surprise it actually hugs the wall well!

A two legged night stand isn't a very stable table so we had to attach it to the wall.  Insert a couple "L" brackets and there we go.

Here's the finished look.

What do you think?  Is it outside-of-the-box interesting or does it just look silly? We're hoping for the former since we have another project for our master bedroom coming up that uses the same concept of cutting and mounting to the wall!

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  1. Very clever solution for a tiny space – it works and looks cool too! :)

  2. that laser light thingy is sweet –

  3. Nice job, I think it looks cool, kind of an optical illusion! It's great you can up with a solution without spending or shopping, I always find myself doing that as a first solution :( need to quit that!

  4. I saw this years ago in a model home…they cut a table (the size of a card table) in half and put each half on each side of the bed…I love this idea and it looks perfect where you have it – do you have room on the other side for the other half?

  5. I think it looks great! Plus, I'd just be downright proud that I'd come up with such a unique solution :)

  6. Good for you! I love it! Way to repurpose:)

  7. Thanks everyone! We were super excited to be able to repurpose. We definitely had "cutting things in half" on the brain… that might make more sense in a few days :)

    Patti – We have a dresser on the other side of the bed and the other half of the table fell apart as we were cutting it!

  8. It's not bad although I would have went with a different lampshade. It looks kind of big for the stand. I'd use a rectangle one. I like the shape of the first one because it's not ultra modern and still goes with the style of the lamp but isn't so round that it touches the wall.

  9. I really like it! Perfect solution and fit for that space.

  10. I think it's cool. We have such a hard time finding tables for our bedside because there isn't much room. Perfect solution here.

  11. You are genius! You know you have given me the best idea ever for my new master right?

    I have a very similar issue which you can read about here:

  12. Congrats on your Better After feature! I like the half nightstand look. :)

  13. I think it's very clever. Furthermore, I know you're all kinds of aewsome, because I have that VERY same duvet from IKEA in my Master Bedroom, which I just re did and was featured on Better After too. Yay for great taste!

  14. Thanks everyone who stopped by from better after!

    Dharma – Are you looking for a nightstand to slash now? The nightstands you have now look good, do they not fit well?

    Meredith – Thanks!

    Allyson – Isn't it a great duvet? We just came across a blog that had the same duvet, plillows, and throw blanket. It was like deja vu.

  15. I love it!

    I have actually seen a whole cluster of little tables cut in half and stacked to make a shelving unit.

  16. I have that same Duvet in my master too. I've been looking for a new paint color and I love the one in this room. What is it?

  17. nancy, the paint is dark pewter by behr. It's slightly more blue than the duvet but it moslty works :)

  18. Incredibly clever idea and it looks so funky; BRAVO!

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