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Dam, an Ice Dam – Dos

When you live in an old house there's an adventure around every corner!

Like, sometimes you walk into a room and part of the ceiling is on the floor.

Why isn't this...

...Still up here?


I looked out the window to see what's the matter and sure enough, there's another ice dam on the back of the house.  Not a bad one, but enough that water is clearly coming into the ceiling of our guest room.


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  1. Oh no…I had this same problem last year…and the year before. Except mine was more like a waterfall down my wall ;( My newly painted, ready to move the furniture back in, wall. I had to add some heating cables to the roof above that room. I'm happy to report that they are doing a great job :) No water in the house this year. They are super easy to install and I haven't noticed a huge drain on my electric bill, so you may want to look into them. Cheap, easy fix! Good luck with your ceiling!

  2. Ohhh man…I hope you two don't run into anymore problems.

  3. Thanks, so far it's still cold and the snow if frozen. We're getting nervous for spring…

  4. Oh geeze, that totally stinks! I have so many friends that have had that happen this winter. Hope you guys get it figured out. You should do a good DIY fix post on it, I think a lot of people would find it useful!

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