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Dam, and Ice Dam – Drie

Get it, "Drie" is German for "three" which followed "Dam, an Ice Dam - Dos" which is Spanish for two.  It doesn't make any sense, we just really, really like alliterations!  Does any language have a word of "four" that starts with "D"?  Lets hope it doesn't come to that... we're tired of writing about ice dams and we're tired of having ice dams!

Anyway, after we had water dripping in our front door in December and a chuck of our ceiling fell off in January, we decided we better get rid of the snow on our roof before it melts in the spring and comes rushing into our house from all directions!

I pulled out our 20 foot roof shovel, got up on a ladder, and started pulling as much snow off our roof as I could.  I ran into a little problem in the front of our house.  We have this scraggly crab apple tree that leans over our front step that was making it almost impossible to shovel!

So while I was half in a tree yanking on a shovel, Katrina climbed out our bedroom window and started shoveling from the roof.  Don't worry, the pitch is really low and the constant fear of falling off the roof kept her safe.

It turned out to be way easier to shovel from the roof since my shovel kept getting stuck in the tree so we both eventually shoveled from up there.

We felt a little dumb since we had just shoveled the front steps.  After that we decided to do the roof and covered the stairs in over a foot of snow which we had to shovel again!

We chuckled wondering what our neighbors would think if they saw us shoveling on our roof, but in reality, they've all been doing the same thing!  This is apparently normal in Minnesota leaving us to wonder why we live here again!?!

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  1. Everyone is shoveling their roofs these days – or actually, most people were doing it about a month ago. I've had my ladder out no less than a dozen times this winter, beating away at ice dams on the sides of the house and using a push broom to try to get the snow off the roof. Next year: heat cables…

  2. We're on the same page!

  3. We feel your pain. 2 years in a row we've had to replace our gutters due to ice dams. We're getting the heat cables too!

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