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Aw, for cute! DIY Kids Play Kitchen

Our nephew is just about to turn one!  It's been fun seeing him grown and explore his world over the last year.  He just took his first steps a few weeks ago and has been walking his little unbalanced Frankenstein walk all over the house!  He also loves to take out every toy from his bin and place it on the floor (he's going to be organized!).  That's probably why he likes the plastic play kitchen at his grandparents house so much.  It's filled with fake veggies and other foods that he can take out and organize to his little heart's content.

Because our Nephew enjoys his kitchen so much, we gave a special "awww" when we came across this DIY play kitchen online.

From Rambling Renovators

At first we though this was a one-time super inventive creation but they had a link to their inspiration.  That link had a link to it's inspiration, and that link had a link to it's inspiration!  We felt like Alice falling down a rabbit hole.  Who knew there were so many people making their own play kitchens?!?

We found some plans to build your own on Ana-White's website.  If you haven't checked out her site, do it!  There are tons of tutorials on how to start building your own furniture, even easy ones anyone can start with!

Check out this one with a farm style sink!  Don't be fooled, the sink is made of wood, it totally looks real!
From iblogMoore
Then we started finding some made of re-purposed furniture, which is an idea we were even more excited about, like this one made from a TV entertainment center (which go for dirt cheap on Craig's List if they're built for non-wide screen TVs)
from Giggleberry Creations
How cool are these?  Unfortunately we don't think Mike's sister has room for such a large unit at her house, but we did find this smaller version repurposed from a nightstand!
 from Vintage Songbird

We totally want to build one but we don't have any buns in the over (is that a kitchen pun?) and our nephew is still a year too short for this option design.  If anyone wants to fund us for parts though we could be your free labor!

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  1. Are you in Atlanta? 😉 I'd totally take you up on that! haha.

  2. Nope, we're in Minneapolis, MN. But thanks for the confidence!

  3. We made one for our daughter – repurposed from an old shop display unit. It is still not yet complete – missing it's black spotted curtain and tap as I can't find the right one anywhere. I love the blackboard splash back as her kitchen get's a new look whenever we feel like prettying it up. I also love the cabinets underneath which store all of her toys. You can see it at the bottom of my post here –

  4. That looks great Alex! Thanks for sharing it :)

  5. So cute! I have nieces and a nephew who'd love one of these too. I'd have to make 2. One for them. One for me! haha 😉

  6. Just noticed you had our little girl's kitchen featured in this post! So cool! Thanks for the shout out and link up. Merry Christmas!
    xo, cat (

  7. You're welcome Cat, it looks great!! We're jealous :)

  8. Hi there :) I saw that you credited me with that last kitchen. While, I LOVE IT, and it was the inspiration for the two play kitchens I made myself (also, on my blog) the original blog post and the creator of that adorable kitchen you featured can actually be found here: