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DIY Wedding – Sparklers

When planning our wedding, we often reflected on friend's experiences and made some decisions based on what they did great and what they complained about afterward.  One thing we learned was we had to leave before the night ended or we'd be the last one's there - we're the kind of people who want to help with everything!  We decided to add some grandeur to the end of the reception by walking out under a shower of sparklers!   It was a great way to end the night and was a pretty simple project. Here's what we did:

  1. Bought a case of sparklers. We made a deal with a fireworks shop and got a case (2,500) sparkler's for $60. We sold half to another couple for their wedding so we ended up with 1,250 for $30. Not bad, that come to 2 cents per sparkler!
  2. Designed and printed a tag to hold the sparklers together. Ours said, "Let the sparks fly as we say goodbye" on a hexagonal piece of paper. We could fit 11 on a page and printed them inexpensively using our secrets to cheap paper, design, and printing.
  3. Punched a hole near the top and bottom of the tag and threaded 3 or 4 sparklers through.  We were originally going to only have one or two but since we had so many sparklers, we added as many as would fit through the holes, which happened to be 4!
  4. Explained the plan to the guests. We printed a sign that said, "To light the night as Mike and Katrina make an exit. Leaving early? Take one anyway!" We printed this on a single page folded in half, 60 cents.
  5. Decided how to light them. We had personalized matches designed at They run $30 for 100 books of matches. We debated between 100 and 200 (we had 215 people attend the wedding). It turns out we used about 50. Go low! You could also designate a few bridal party members to walk around with lighters if you feel that match books are unnecessary. 

That's it! The total cost was $30 for sparklers, $60 for matches, $6 in printing = $96. The matchbooks were a fun favor but if you want to save some you could easily bring 15 lighters or use free books of matches from restaurants for a total of $36!!

Also, be sure to check with your venue to make sure sparklers are ok!  Our was fine with it but some might not feel that way.

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  1. Looks beautiful! Our venue was a no go, so we did bubbles instead.

  2. Bubble exits are fun! Katrina puts up with me going into child mode and blowing bubbles everywhere when we're given bubbles at a wedding :)

  3. That was the best use of sparklers ever! How many thousand do you have leftover? Maybe we can have a wedding sequel?

  4. We have like 1,700 left. We already got married, time for someone else to tie the knot. Know anyone???

  5. Where did you find sparklers this cheap?? Pleas share your amazing deal!:)

    • One of my relatives owns a firework shop so I got them at the price they buy them for. It turns out fireworks have a HUGE markup. Depending on when your wedding is, you can find them right before or after the 4th of July for cheaper than normal. Good luck!

    • do you have any left over you would like to sell

  6. How did you find sparklers with a pink wire/stick on the bottom. I want the wire to be blue and I can only find the normal silver wire.